Sarah Young Calling, Part 6

While I have recently surveyed the introduction to Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, I have yet to deal with any of the statements in the book itself. A brief look at some of the “messages” she received will show that Young’s view of God’s presence owes more to the charismatic movement and new age mysticism than to the Scriptures.

  • Jan 8 – “Shimmering hues of radiance tap gently at your consciousness, seeking entrance. Though I have all Power in heaven and on earth, I am infinitely tender with you. The weaker you are, the more gently I approach you. Let your weakness be a door to My Presence.”

  • May 2 – “When you are with other people, you often lose sight of My Presence….When you realize this has happened, whisper My Name; this tiny act of trust brings Me to the forefront of your consciousness, where I belong.”

  • May 24 – “There are actually more than four dimensions in this world where you live. In addition to the three dimensions of space and one of time, there is the dimension of openness to My Presence. This dimension transcends the others, giving you glimpses of heaven while you still reside on earth.”

  • Dec 4 – “As you spend time in My Presence, My thoughts gradually form in your mind. My Spirit is the Director of this process. Sometimes He brings Bible verses to mind. Sometimes He enables you to hear Me ‘speak’ directly to you.”

Other “messages” reveal Young’s version of devotion, which reads more like self-help advice from the likes of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rodgers, than Biblical counsel from God’s Word. She focuses our attention on our needs and desires, rather than on God’s righteousness and grace.

  • June 14 – “For years you swam around in a sea of meaninglessness, searching for Love, hoping for hope. All that time I was pursuing you, aching to embrace you in My compassionate arms….I sang you a Love song, whose beginning and end are veiled in eternity.”

  • Aug 1 – “Most of mankind’s misery stems from feeling unloved.”

  • Sept 29 – “Because I am infinite, I am able to love you as if you and I were the only ones in the universe. Walk with Me in intimate Love-steps…”

  • Oct 2 – “Never take for granted My intimate nearness…Even the most ardent human lover cannot be with you always. Nor can another person know the intimacies of your heart, mind, and spirit.

  • March 31 – “Taste and see that I am good. The more intimately you experience Me, the more convinced you become of My goodness. I am the Living One who sees you and longs to participate in your life.”

Even these brief excerpts should be sufficient to show that Sarah Young’s devotional ought to be considered with great caution, if it is to be read at all. However, since my analysis of Jesus Calling has not been positive, someone might wonder if there are any devotional books that I would recommend, and that will be the subject of my next piece.

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